“History is Chill! Fun Facts about Hong Kong”

Date: 01/01/19

In order to enrich the public, the young generation in particular, about the history of Hong Kong, to popularize the learning of history, and to enhance our youth’s sense of belonging via learning about their home city and root...

STEM Classroom

Date: 10/01/18

To keep up with the fast-changing and increasingly technology-intensive world, STEM education is crucial to students in acquiring knowledge and skills in domains including science, technology, engineering and mathematics. STEM, as a cross-disciplinary subject, ...

Roly-Poly Day 2018

Date: 03/01/18

Initiated by experienced educator Principal Chan Hung, “Roly-Poly Day” is a campaign that champions a tri-coloured roly-poly mascot: the orange, yellow and blue colours represent the close relations between family, school and society respectively and their interlinked role in supporting students to stay strong.