Seedland Educational Charitable Foundation organizes, sponsors and supports charitable activities that promote and enhance children education, youth development, parent education and family values.

AIA Foundation Online Wellness Playground

Date: 28/03/21

Consisting of three main sections – “Workshops”, “Events” and “Games”, the “AIA Foundation Online Wellness Playground” (AIAF-wellness.org) was launched in April 2021 to provide over 160 educational and fun workshops, regular parenting talks and activities hosted by distinguished guests, as well as exciting online games for free, to help children and parents enrich their experience, .....

“History is Chill! Fun Facts about Hong Kong”

Date: 01/01/21

In order to enrich the public, the young generation in particular, about the history of Hong Kong, to popularize the learning of history, and to enhance our youth’s sense of belonging via learning about their home city and root...

Roly-Poly Day 2019

Date: 27/04/19

Exemplary educator Principal Chan Hung strongly believes that our society as a whole is responsible for the young’s mental health. Since 2017, he and a group of like-minded professionals founded Roly-Poly Day, with a tri-coloured roly-poly as the campaign mascot...

STEM Classroom

Date: 01/10/18

To keep up with the fast-changing and increasingly technology-intensive world, STEM education is crucial to students in acquiring knowledge and skills in domains including science, technology, engineering and mathematics. STEM, as a cross-disciplinary subject, ...

Roly-Poly Day 2018

Date: 01/03/18

Initiated by experienced educator Principal Chan Hung, “Roly-Poly Day” is a campaign that champions a tri-coloured roly-poly mascot: the orange, yellow and blue colours represent the close relations between family, school and society respectively and their interlinked role in supporting students to stay strong.

The Positive Lifestyle Campaign

Date: 10/02/18

Organized by the Food and Environmental Hygiene Committee of the Wan Chai District Council, the Hong Kong Causeway Bay Industry and Commerce Association, and Seedland Educational Charitable Foundation, co-organized by the Wan Chai District Office, the Karatedo Federation of Hong Kong, China, and Younger Look, and...

Young Green Pioneers Award

Date: 01/10/17

Organized by Seedland Educational Charitable Foundation and Yellow Bus, and supported by ECO Expo Asia (organized by Hong Kong Trade Development Council and Messe Frankfurt (HK) Ltd., and co-organized by Environment Bureau, The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region)...

Character Day Hong Kong 2017

Date: 01/08/17

As the saying goes, “Cleverness is a gift, kindness is a choice.”, “Character Day Hong Kong 2017” features “Kindness” as its theme and “Choose Kindness” as the slogan.

Healthy Living in Wan Chai

Date: 30/04/16

Organized by Seedland Educational Charitable Foundation, the Food and Environmental Hygiene Committee of the Wan Chai District Council and the Hong Kong Causeway Bay Industry and Commerce Association, “Healthy Living in Wan Chai” aims to promote physical and mental health via a three-day event held...

Character Day Hong Kong 2016

Date: 01/01/16

To promote the importance of moral education, Seedland Education Charitable Foundation worked with Character Education Foundation to introduce “Character Day” from the United States to Hong Kong.

Green Kids Leader Programme

Date: 01/05/08

Supported by the Environmental Protection Department, the “Green Kids Leader Programme” was held to promote the concept of environmental protection among primary and secondary school students.

Hong Kong Top Ten Favourite Landmarks Election and Paper Model Design Competition – in Celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the Handover

Date: 01/07/07

To enhance children and teenagers’ understanding, care and active engagement in social affairs, Seedland Education Charitable Foundation organized “Hong Kong Top Ten Favourite Landmarks Election and Paper Model Design Competition...