Seedland Educational Charitable Foundation provides useful information and support for parents via publications and digital platforms to fortify our causes in promoting and enhancing children education, youth development, parent education and family values.

Yellow Bus LIGHT

While children bring light to a family, parents are also the light to lead a child’s way. Founded by Seedland Educational Charitable Foundation and produced by Yellow Bus Publishing Limited in 2009, the bilingual monthly parenting magazine “Yellow Bus Light” aims to promote holistic development for children by sharing the insights of doctors, psychologists and child experts, and is available for free at 800 distribution points throughout Hong Kong.

Anti-tiger Mom Facebook Page

Chairperson of Seedland Educational Charitable Foundation, Ms Helena Hui, believes that “Love Light Laughter” are the essence that everyone is born with the rights to enjoy in life. As an experienced mother and a child expert, she emphasizes the importance of holistic development and balance rather than a blind pursuit for academic excellence, and shares her insights on her Facebook Page daily, attracting over 38,000 followers.