School-based After-school Learning and Support Programmes

The aim of Community-based Projects is to provide support service to the students, establishing a long-term support service network within their communities. Diverse support and opportunities are provided to underprivileged students to enhance their learning efficiency, broaden their horizons through various other learning experiences, as well as develop their understanding and sense of belonging towards society.

Applied by the school to the Education Bureau, the School-based Grant subsidizes underprivileged students in joining after-school extra-curricular activities.

Tutorial Services

Making good use of students’ after-school time, tutorial services assist students to solve difficulties on schoolwork and help them finish their homework efficiently. Tutorial services target to guide students on finishing their homework on time and mastering study skills.

Language Training and Strategic Learning Classes

Supported by Yellow Bus magazine, students are provided with a collection of bilingual (Chinese and English) readers, alongside with notes and worksheets tailor-made by our professional teaching team according to students’ age, language ability and interests. A variety of classes including phonics classes, grammar classes, “Little Reporters” classes, story-telling classes, etc., are offered, to strengthen students’ communication skills, enhance their self-confidence and induce their creativity. Additionally, memory training classes are offered to improve students’ learning efficiency, hence enhancing their academic performance.

Personal Growth

Through various experiential learning activities, students are brought into a new yet challenging environment. We aim to develop their confidence, communication skills, teamwork as well as resilience towards adversities, from which they could utilize their potentials.

  • Self-Confidence Development Courses
  • Adventure-based Learning Activities
  • Social and Communication Skills Training
  • Volunteer and Leadership Training Courses

Study Tours

Through visiting cultural and historical sites, we aim to enrich students’ understanding of local history and heritage as well as to enhance students’ observation and teamwork. Seedland Educational Charitable Foundation collaborates with different schools and invites university professors as consultants for this project. We are more than welcome to have organizations joining us in making these study tours possible and successful.

  • A consultant team formed by professors from the cultural preservation sector
  • New and exclusive cultural preservation routes
  • Reports on study tours on magazines

Visits to Government Departments and Business Organizations

Supported by various government departments, commercial corporations and social enterprises, Seedland Educational Charitable Foundation organizes a variety of visits for students, such as visits to the Legislative Council, Fire Stations and Ngong Ping 360, etc. Students are provided the opportunities to experience and acquire knowledge on the internal structure and operation of different industries and companies, thus to motivate them to learn and expand their perception to the world.

Holistic Development

With more than 150 extracurricular activities and courses designed by experienced teachers and coaches, we aim to cultivate and enhance students’ holistic development in terms of moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic well-being. These activities and courses are not only interesting and comprehensive, but also feature creative learning materials and tools to foster students’ all-rounded development.

  • “Touring Hong Kong in English” Experiential Class
  • English Language Integrated Enhancement Class
  • Chinese Language Integrated Enhancement Class
  • Public Speaking Class
  • Practical Mandarin Class
  • Interesting Mathematics Class
  • Outdoor Experiential Class
  • Job Experiential Class
  • Little Reporter Class
  • Hong-Kong-Style Model Making Workshop
  • Playcorn Making Class
  • Cartoonist Workshop
  • Creative Clay Molding Class
  • Musical Instrument Courses
  • Sports Courses

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