SEN Learning and Support Projects

To assist students with special educational needs, courses designed by professionals and social workers are offered to boost their academic performance.

Common learning difficulties encountered by SEN students:

  • Reading and writing difficulties
  • Inadequate comprehension skills and poor handwriting
  • Attention deficiency
  • Difficulty in concentrating on study or demonstrating hyperactivity when studying
  • Slow in learning
  • Lack of learning motivation
  • Difficulty in absorbing new knowledge
  • Difficulty in socializing
  • Poor relationships with peers

Focused Trainings

  • Reading and Writing Training Class

    Enhance and improve students’ ability to read and write according to students’ personal learning needs.

  • Attention Improvement Class

    Through various activities and after-school practices, Attention Improvement Class strives to improve students’ problems regarding attention deficiency to enhance their working efficiency.

  • Emotion Training Class

    This class is designed to help students distinguish different emotions, thus to help them understand their negative emotions and the correct ways to express them. In addition, we aim to tackle emotion-related issues through art and creative projects.

  • Self-control Improvement Class

    Through intriguing activities, incorporated with necessary hints (both visual and verbal) and behavioural training, we aim to foster students’ self-control and boost their self-confidence.

  • Social Skills Training Class

    Through adventurous leadership training workshops, students will have a better understanding on social codes, having a clearer idea of others’ thoughts and viewpoints, enabling them to construct an effective two-way communication.

  • Strategic Study Class

    The class focuses on developing students’ attention and memory. Through various games and multi-sensory activities to stimulate their minds, students are taught to master simple memorization skills.

  • Memory Training Class

    Through interactive games and stories, students learn various memorization skills, hence strengthening their abstract logical thinking and inductive reasoning.

  • Assessment

    Conduct questionnaire during lesson time, general reports as well as reports on individual students.

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